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Maximise Sales with Omni-Channel Retailing

Posted by Daniela Young


Easily Manage Your Omni-Channel Retailing with To keep ahead of the competition, businesses need to look for new places to trade and find new customers. The retail trade has evolved rapidly over the past decade due to the advancements in technology and the way we shop – with access to a global range of products […]

Ecommerce (shop) Until you Drop

Posted by Daniela Young


  Ecommerce (shop) Until you Drop Throughout the last few years we have experienced the explosion of online order processing and improved website accessibility. Organisations, alongside their stand-alone e-commerce websites, have embraced these online developments and are using Amazon and eBay marketplace stores for ease of accessibility and online sales processing for consumers. One way […]

The Forecast for 2015 is Cloudy

Posted by Daniela Young

Cloud Software

As expected, 2015 is predicted to be another successful year for cloud computing. As a business systems provider, we are certainly noticing the rise in demand for cloud software solutions as decision-makers recognise the huge benefits cloud solutions can bring to their organisations. The benefits of mobility, improved productivity and reduced overall IT costs are […]

Stock Plus for Sage 200 Replacing Sage Wholesale and Retail

Posted by Victoria Thomson

Stock Plus for Sage 200

With Sage announcing the retirement of their Sage 200 Wholesale & Retail module earlier this year, Eureka Solutions’ Stock Plus for Sage 200 is the perfect replacement for Sage 200 users. Stock Plus for Sage 200 delivers many valuable features including quick and easy management of your stock levels and locations within your Sage 200 […]

The Internet of Things: The Future of Bespoke Development?

Posted by Shaun Gourlay

Internet of Things

Recently the Eureka Solutions development team were released from the office for a day to attend the ScotSoft 2014 conference. The presentations covered topical subjects such as the Cloud and Big Data which have been the subject of our previous blogs but one of the speakers spoke about another concept which has also been generating […]

Phone System or Communication Device?

Posted by Alistair Livingstone

Cloud Phone Communication

As Eureka Solutions plan our move to the cloud, seeking geographical and hardware independence, we have a series of priorities; moving our current phone system to the cloud is high on that list. I believed we had an up to date phone system, VOIP (Voice Over IP) meaning we could configure our physical phones to […]

BYOD – The Business Benefits of ‘Bring Your Own Device’

Posted by Victoria Thomson


Dyson announced the release of their robotic hoover. This concept was introduced 14 years ago and back then nobody believed it would ever happen. If 14 years ago you were told about the cloud I bet you wouldn’t have believed that either yet 90% of businesses expect to be on the cloud within the next […]

On-Line, On-Premise, On-Cloud: What’s the Difference?

Posted by Alistair Livingstone

online_premise_cloud (2)

Moving to the cloud: What are we buying? A major part of our ‘move to the cloud’ is to understand what are we buying? Indeed it is even more relevant to our business, Eureka Solutions, as we sell and implement business information systems that are either true cloud, on‐line and traditional on premise solutions. We […]

What Does Cloud Mean?

Posted by Alistair Livingstone

cloud, cloud software, cloud solutions, move to the cloud

What does Cloud Mean for Eureka Solutions? The purpose of this series of blogs is to map our journey to the cloud ‐ it might be best if I explain what the ‘cloud’ means to Eureka Solutions. The new world of the cloud is difficult to define universally ‐ as emerging technology it is inevitable […]

Cloud Luddite: Why the Change?

Posted by Alistair Livingstone


Why I am recommending Eureka Solutions move to the Cloud? The Cloud has really snuck up on us. Several years ago I would never have predicted being “comfortable” with working in the cloud. Don’t you think the word ‘cloud’ is now something you hear on a daily basis?  My own transformation has been gradual and […]

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