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By trusting their numbers KANA Software can now collaborate and make more informed business decisions.

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Business Intelligence Software, also known as BI Software, refers to the software and tools used to analyse your organisations' raw data. BI software allows you to turn your data into useful information and assists with decision making within your business.

Business Intelligence reporting software allows you to define your own pathway through your data, making discoveries as you go and asking questions you might otherwise not have thought to ask.BI software delivers true self-service business intelligence which will drive innovative decision-making throughout your business. Do you often base crucial business decisions on gut instinct a lot of the time because you cannot get accurate data to hand when you need it? Many businesses suffer from a lack of factual, timely and meaningful information when they need it the most – Business Intelligence software makes this a thing of the past.

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 df726b4f-ec3d-46b8-ab72-1adb648cb35b Business Performance 

With BI tools your business can track progress on a daily basis to see how the business is performing. As a result, you are provided with effective and easily manageable performance management allowing you to track and gauge goal fulfilment. 

df726b4f-ec3d-46b8-ab72-1adb648cb35b Your Future Business Goals 

Having the ability to see how your business is performing at a glance makes it easy for your business to align future objectives and targets. For example, respond to new product or market opportunities that could set you apart from your competitors. 

df726b4f-ec3d-46b8-ab72-1adb648cb35b Reporting

In today’s highly competitive business environment it is more essential than ever before that you know how your business is performing. With BI software, you can benefit from being able to quickly generate reports on a variety of data sets including expenses, staffing, marketing activities and sales etc.

df726b4f-ec3d-46b8-ab72-1adb648cb35b Decision Making

Business Intelligence software provides you with the information you need to perform. As a result you can use your time more efficiently when it comes to analysing information and making decisions.



What are the benefits of BI Software?

Consolidate Data 

Benefit from consolidating relevant data from multiple sources into a single application. 

Uncover Hidden Trends

Make discoveries that drive innovative decisions. 

Enable Social Decision Making

With secure and real-time business collaboration. 

Understand your Data

With BI software you can explore associations in your data and identify anomalies. 

Self-Service Business Intelligence

With BI software you no longer have to wait on IT or business analysts to generate reports for you.

Drive New Sales and Opportunities 

Identify the right mix of products and services to increase profitability and reduce costs. 

In twenty years as a CEO, I have never seen a better investment in information systems.

Dr Gareth Goodier CEO at Cambridge University Hospitals

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QlikView has helped LUSH deliver a central point for live data analysis, contributing to savings of over £1 million in stock loss within 2 years. It’s working with us as a business in giving our people instant access to the information they want very quickly online.

Scott Silverthorn, Head of Data Services LUSH

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QlikView has empowered our daily operations and fundamentally changed the way we use information...

Orlando Agrippa, Associate Director of Business Informatics Colchester NHS

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Incredibly powerful for an organisation. At its fingertips it can track, right from the top, where the money is going.

John Jackson, Assistant Director IT Camden Council

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"Staff are always very friendly and keep you fully informed about what's happening"

Greig Murray



"Excellent work, but then again I have come to expect nothing less"

John Alexander