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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software covers a wide-range of elements designed to help you better manage customer data, customer interactions, access business information, automate sales, marketing and customer support processes. CRM Software allows your business to manage the entire life-cycle of customers from initial email marketing touch point through to lead, opportunity, sale, account management, cross-sell and up-sell.

Having access to all of your customers’ information in the one location allows you to better communicate with your customers and improve your overall customer experience. With this information, your sales, customer service and marketing departments can position themselves to make the most of opportunities that are likely to emerge from your current and future customers.

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df726b4f-ec3d-46b8-ab72-1adb648cb35b Improve Sales Transparency

Improve transparency in the sales pipeline as real-time sales opportunity analysis is readily available. In addition CRM software means you can automate follow-up activities ensuring that your sales team contact the right people at the right time, shortening sales cycles and maximising conversion rates.

df726b4f-ec3d-46b8-ab72-1adb648cb35b Customer and Potential Customer Relationships 

Record key details about your current customers and create an entire profile of your customers from purchasing history, communications, opportunities through to marketing activities and responsiveness to campaigns. 

df726b4f-ec3d-46b8-ab72-1adb648cb35b Marketing Automation 

Get a single source of customer information to help better manage your marketing efforts. Having clear visibility of the path from enquiry to sale available means you can tailor communications to satisfy your customers’ requirements. 

df726b4f-ec3d-46b8-ab72-1adb648cb35b Customer Service and Support

Easily manage cases and automate business processes associated with customer support case assignment, management and escalation.




Sage CRM
Sage CRM is an on-premise Customer Relationship Management solution. This solution allows you to make every customer interaction count by building more rewarding customer relationships.

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NetSuite CRM+
NetSuite CRM+ provides a seamless flow of information across the entire customer life-cycle from lead to opportunity, sales order, fulfilment, to up-sell and ongoing support.

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What are the benefits of CRM Software?

Manage Important Customer Relationships

Manage Important Customer Relationships

Record key details about your customers and use this information to make every interaction count and build rewarding relationships.

360° View of your Customers

360° View of your Customers

With an entire 360 degree view of your customers you will benefit from comprehensive quote, order management, commissions and sales forecasting.

Single-System Storing Invaluable Customer Information

Single-System Storing Invaluable Customer Information

With a CRM system your business has one place to store every customer, lead and service request information so your customer communications are relevant and up-to-date.

Drive New Sales and Opportunities

Drive New Sales and Opportunities

With a CRM system you can leverage customer data from across your business and target customers who want your products and services.

Streamline your Lead-to-Cash Processes

Streamline your Lead-to-Cash Processes

Modernised order to cash processes means your business can benefit from a completely seamless order, fulfillment, billing and payment process.

Accelerate your Sales

Accelerate your Sales

Manage your entire sales process from initial lead through to close of sale.

NetSuite saves us time and allows us to focus on running the business, and that has helped us increase our turnover—our revenues—by 95%

George Bowie, MD 2Pure

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NetSuite has enabled us to bring administration in-house so the reliance on our accountants has reduced. This also reduced errors from manual entry into the accounting system.

Peak Indicators

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NetSuite provides us with a clear overview of the business, with anytime, anywhere and any device access to the system. We have access to much richer information about our customers and prospects. It has completely changed the way we work.

HCSS Education

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With NetSuite we now have time to concentrate on real business matters without having to worry about keeping our IT infrastructure up to speed.

Rococo Chocolates

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5 Star Customer Review 

"Many thanks for your hard work. Much appreciated "

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5 Star Customer Review 

"Blindingly fast response. Lovely stuff"

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