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ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software is a system that manages all of the different parts of your business including: inventory, order management, accounting, human resources, customer relationship management (CRM) and beyond. The first basic task of an ERP system is to integrate these elements and to ensure your business runs as efficiently as possible.

An extremely important element of ERP software is the fact that it is a shared database as this allows multiple parts of your business to access the same, live data. For example, your accounting and sales departments look at the same figures on each customer and the inventory manager can immediately see the numbers around sales. A fundamental value of ERP systems is its ability to make different business functions work closely together and become more efficient.

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What will ERP Software help you manage?

df726b4f-ec3d-46b8-ab72-1adb648cb35b Your Front and Back Office Processes

ERP Software integrates back and front-office processes enabling you to streamline your entire business operations and manage this in a single platform. As a result, you benefit from improved efficiency and more time saved from managing data in multiple systems or locations.

df726b4f-ec3d-46b8-ab72-1adb648cb35b Improve your Decision Making

Your entire business can get access to business critical information in a few clicks and can benefit from making more informed business decisions.

df726b4f-ec3d-46b8-ab72-1adb648cb35b Improved Returns on your Investment

Experience fast implementation and improved efficiency, allowing you to quickly spot trends or data anomalies and identify opportunities for business growth.

df726b4f-ec3d-46b8-ab72-1adb648cb35b Your Customers

Integrated CRM ensures you are provided with a 360 degree view of your customers which will support your future marketing, sales and customer service efforts.



What are the benefits of ERP Software?

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Real-time information source

Gain access to information on multiple areas of your business enabling you to quickly identify problems and find improvements.

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Manage your entire business with one system

Being able to manage your entire business processes in one system means you can quickly and easily find, amend and analyse data.

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Reduce Data Duplication

An integrated ERP system will save your company valuable time and resources managing data between disparate systems. 

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Improves customer services

By providing one single source for billing and customer enquiries.

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Automates Central Business Functions

Including procure-to-pay, order-to-fulfilment and lead-to-cash processes.


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Reduce regulatory risks

By integrating compliance information with all of the relevant business functions.

NetSuite saves us time and allows us to focus on running the business, and that has helped us increase our turnover—our revenues—by 95%

George Bowie, MD 2Pure

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NetSuite has enabled us to bring administration in-house so the reliance on our accountants has reduced. This also reduced errors from manual entry into the accounting system.

Peak Indicators

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NetSuite provides us with a clear overview of the business, with anytime, anywhere and any device access to the system. We have access to much richer information about our customers and prospects. It has completely changed the way we work.

HCSS Education

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With NetSuite we now have time to concentrate on real business matters without having to worry about keeping our IT infrastructure up to speed.

Rococo Chocolates

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