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The Plus Pack for Sage 200 contains 80+ individual addons designed to enhance standard Sage 200 functionalities. The Plus Pack has evolved over the last ten years as a result of specific requests from customers who have been looking for slicker Sage 200 processes. This product offers excellent value for money and is the perfect solution for you if you ever think "I wish Sage 200 could do...".

The Plus Pack for Sage 200 includes 80+ modules designed to enhance standard processes and functionality within Sage 200. If you are creating workarounds in Sage 200 look to further than the Plus Pack for Sage 200.

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1400+ Sites

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159+ Out of the Box

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Back to Back Orders

Automatically create purchase orders from a sales order, or vice versa.

Stock Code Aliasing

Use multiple stock codes for the same product anywhere within Sage 200, e.g. supplier codes, manufacturers’ codes, barcodes. Customer specific stock codes are also available.

Sales Order Profit Warning

Displays a warning when an individual stock item or product group profit falls below a specified margin during sales order entry.

Warehouse Shortfall

Recommends stock that need reordered based on warehouse levels and can create the PO. Can also take into account unallocated sales orders.

Sales Receipt to Multiple Accounts

Allows a single customer receipt to be allocated across multiple sales ledger accounts.

Adjust & Receive All on Goods Received 

The quick and simple receive all process removes the need for you to complete this on every individual line.

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df726b4f-ec3d-46b8-ab72-1adb648cb35b Streamline Sage 200 Order Processing

Plus Pack for Sage 200 includes multiple modules designed to streamline and speed up your order processing, including a simple back to back ordering process for Sage 200.

df726b4f-ec3d-46b8-ab72-1adb648cb35b Easy to Set-up and Configure

The Plus Pack for Sage 200 includes 80+ features, you can quickly and easily get this set-up and running within the Eureka Solutions control panel. Within the CP you can quickly and easily enable and disable specific features that are suitable for your unique business processes. 

df726b4f-ec3d-46b8-ab72-1adb648cb35bManage the Transfer of Stock

Overcome limitations of standard stock transfer within Sage 200, the Plus Pack for Sage 200 allows you to transfer multiple items from multiple warehouses at the same time. This will save you masses of time, effort and allows your to easily manage the location and transfers of your stock.

df726b4f-ec3d-46b8-ab72-1adb648cb35b Save Valuable Time

The Plus Pack for Sage 200 remove the need for you to manually allocate, receive and send items. As a result, you can benefit from streamlined processes, save time and focus on other areas of your business. 

df726b4f-ec3d-46b8-ab72-1adb648cb35bPostcode Integration

The Plus Pack allows Capscan postcode finder to work on any screen where an address is required to be input, this speeds up and improves interactions with your customers.

df726b4f-ec3d-46b8-ab72-1adb648cb35b New Functionality Added Regularly 

We regularly add new functionality into the Plus Pack for Sage 200, these are available to existing Plus Pack users without any additional charge and are added by downloading the latest version.

I would always recommend Eureka Solutions and their products and look forward to many more years of working together.

Lee Whelan Managing Director at Acuity Solutions

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Eureka Solutions are very perceptive and responsive in providing the solutions that we need. Their Addon products provide us with an excellent and valuable solution for our clients and I have no hesitation in recommending Eureka Solutions and their Sage 200 Addon products.

Stephanie Davies Managing Director at Brook Software Solutions

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The Eureka Addons have contributed to me winning many of my Sage 200 deals, a rapid response to a query or a question is paramount, the team at Eureka Solutions respond quickly – I have no hesitation in recommending their addons or development expertise.

New Business Sales Consultant Datel

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Below is a selection of Plus Pack Resources, scroll and click to download your copy.

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    Plus Pack Data Sheet

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