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Sales Order Plus



Sales Order Plus for Sage 200 provides the tools you need to sell more products, speed up the order entry process and provides all the required customer and product information from the one screen. This addon is perfect if you are operating within rapid telesales or tradecounter sales environments.

Sales Order Plus is fully integrated with Sage 200 and enhances the standard sales order process without losing any standard functionality.

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1400+ Sites

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1000 Live Sites

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Increase Sales

With its built in cross-sale and up-sell functionalities - ensuring you do not miss out on a sales opportunity. 

10x Quicker SO Processing 

With the ability to process an order from entry through to invoice with a single click of a button.

Product & Customer Info Available

All your product and customer information is available from a single screen enabling you to provide high customer level standards.

Add Preferred Items to a SO

This Sales Order module allows customers ‘favourite’ items to be added to the current order.

Rapid Order Entry

Add multiple sales to a line order with our rapid Sales order entry grid. 

Screen Prompts

Empowering your telesales/tradecounter team to sell complimentary or more products to existing customers. 

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We use CustomerSure to check that our customers are happy - every time.


 df726b4f-ec3d-46b8-ab72-1adb648cb35b Add Historical Items

If a customer calls and wishes to re-order the same items as last month - you can easily add items from a previous order to be replicated on a new order. 

df726b4f-ec3d-46b8-ab72-1adb648cb35b Process Sales Orders 10x Faster

Sales Order Plus comes with a rapid order entry grid - this ensures users can enter multiple items to a single sales order within the same screen. 

df726b4f-ec3d-46b8-ab72-1adb648cb35bSales Notepad

Useful in situations where telesales receive a lot of price enquiries that don’t become orders, or for simple price enquiries. Once a customer is selected and added to the order pricing is altered to reflect customer specific pricing.

df726b4f-ec3d-46b8-ab72-1adb648cb35b Enter SOs by Quantity & Description 

This addon gives DOS type entry speeds where operators know product descriptions as well as wildcards for advanced searching – benefit from rapid order entry within Sage 200.

df726b4f-ec3d-46b8-ab72-1adb648cb35bSave Time

The functionalities of Sales Order Plus for Sage 200 ensures your sales team sell more products quicker with our rapid order entry grid. 

df726b4f-ec3d-46b8-ab72-1adb648cb35b Web Version Available

If you have travelling sales staff, check out our Web SO module, designed to allow users to enter Sales Orders anytime, anywhere via any connected device.  

I would always recommend Eureka Solutions and their products and look forward to many more years of working together.

Lee Whelan Managing Director at Acuity Solutions

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Eureka Solutions are very perceptive and responsive in providing the solutions that we need. Their Addon products provide us with an excellent and valuable solution for our clients and I have no hesitation in recommending Eureka Solutions and their Sage 200 Addon products.

Stephanie Davies Managing Director at Brook Software Solutions

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The Eureka Addons have contributed to me winning many of my Sage 200 deals, a rapid response to a query or a question is paramount, the team at Eureka Solutions respond quickly – I have no hesitation in recommending their addons or development expertise.

New Business Sales Consultant Datel

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Below is a selection of Sales Order Plus Resources, scroll and click to download your copy.

  • Sales Order Plus Flyer

    Sales Order Plus Flyer

    An overview of the Eureka Addon, Sales Order Plus

  • Sales Order Plus Data Sheet

    Sales Order Plus Data Sheet

    An insight into the Eureka Addon, Sales Order Plus and it's functions and capabilities.