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What is Business discovery?

Most would automatically presume that it is another highly complicated BI system which would require the most data savvy analyst at the wheel, churning out data and reports that couldn't be understood by the average business executive.

In the last couple of years, the complicated stereotype that was associated with a BI system has started to change, with a new force of Business Discovery emerging into the marketplace. This new wave of BI has shoved every business executive back in the driving seat and on the road to business discovery!

Being able to understand the data within your business is a very important concept, made easy by the ease of use of Data Discovery systems. From discovering what products sell well and why to finding new opportunities and strengthening the overall business performance. This is all information that you wouldn't necessarily set out or expect to find. Instead it is achieved by the Data being consolidated from multiple locations and being centralised and analysed all within an easy to use dashboard.

Each question answered is the start of another journey waiting to commence!

Everyone, from the very top right down to the bottom is able to explore and discover with this new generation of business intelligence. Users wanted control back and that’s exactly what they got. Users now have the ability to question their data in order to make better more informed decisions, based on information that is up to date and relevant. The system gives insight into your business and shows trends and figures that might have originally been hidden by masses of data and confusing reports. Business intelligence is no longer an over complicated system dominated by IT.

Users are able to collaborate and share their ideas and discoveries throughout the business. One of the main points to business discovery is that it delivers information right into the hands of the user. This information empowers each user with the ability to analyse and use it to help solve any problems and in turn boost the overall performance of the business.

Using a system such as Business Discovery takes the user on a journey that will help them to understand and use their data in the best possible way. There is never a wasted journey, only new ways of discovering, learning and moving forward. With Business Intelligence, seeing will definitely make you believe.

Data Discovery: empower your users, enrich your business!

Eureka Solutions specialise on QlikView Business Discovery software. If you would like any further information on please contact our head office on 01355 581 960 or email enquiries@eurekasolutions.co.uk.

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