Cambridge Cognition are a neuroscience digital health company who develop products and services to better understand & treat conditions affecting brain health. Cognitive research technologies accelerate the development of new treatments, improving efficiencies throughout the research process measuring cognitive health and wellbeing in patients worldwide.

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Business Challenges

  • Data was stored in silos lack of visibility of key performance metrics

  • Limited Reporting Capabilities

The Results

  • Performance can be measured across the business

  • Instant resource utilisation helps justify capital for additional resources

  • Decision making has improved across the business

Why choose Eureka Solutions / NetSuite

Cambridge Cognition chose to partner with Eureka Solutions as they felt that we could provide the level of support required for large scale projects, coupled with our proven ability to produce bespoke products. Eureka Solutions were able to provide their own Warranties Service and Repairs module to help Cambridge Cognition trace Hardware being used in their projects.

Enhanced customer relationships thanks to real-time data visibility

Streamlined financial operations managed entirely from one system

Greater visibility and reporting of issues across the business

The Solution

NetSuite’s Services Resource Planning (SRP) software is a solution that provides support to Professional Services businesses. The powerful cloud solution enables project managers and teams to collaborate on projects, monitor and maintain project status and proactively identify and resolve potential issues.


NetSuite SRP provides an insight into customer habits, connecting project activities with company financials and helps ensure accurate accounting and billing throughout a project.
Managers can optimise staffing and utilisation, ensuring that qualified resources are working on the right projects and benefit from an accessible and secure home for staff timesheets, whether in the office or on the road. Monitor, report and analyse overall project performance in real time with NetSuite’s robust reporting and analytical tools.


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