HOW TO: Perform a Saved Search in NetSuite

This short video has been created to demonstrate how to create a saved search in NetSuite that will display any sales orders raised that day, and how to trigger an email to be sent to the sales rep. This method of creating a saved search can be used for any process in NetSuite.


This video will demonstrate how to set up a saved search in NetSuite to show sales orders that have been raised today and then to trigger an email to notify the sales rep of the orders raised. However, this can also be applied to any other transaction or record within NetSuite.


From your NetSuite dashboard select the lists drop-down then click searches, saved searches and then finally new.


The saved search that we will performing today is transaction saved search, so from the list of results we’re going to select transaction, then from within the results the system will load pre-set results from what the system will expect you want returned. You can also add and remove any results that you wish to. Once you’re happy with the results you have selected, click on the criteria tab. For this saved search, as we are looking at sales orders, the first filter we’re going to select is the type of transaction and to do this we are going to add a type filter.


From the list of available transactions, we’re going to pick sales order, the next filter we’re going to add to the transaction is date, so from the list of available filters we will then select date.


Our saved search applies to sales orders place today but as you can see NetSuite has a range of pre-loaded date configurations to choose from. From our saved search, the date will be configured to on and then click day and finally today, then we will set this filter. Another important filter we’ll need to use is the mainline filter so to do this we select it from the drop-down menu and click yes. The purpose of this filter is to act as a summary for each transaction. This is now the required criteria for our saved search, the next step is to preview the Save Search in order to check the results and see if any amendments are required to the search.


Once we are happy with how the preview looks, we will then need to return to the criteria and then go to the available filters from there we can select any option to filter by, as long as it’s within the criteria.


We are now going to add a date filter, so to do that we need to select date as an option from the drop-down menu and then tick the show in filter region option. Once again, we will preview this and as you can see we now have a date filter at the top of the saved search.


When you’re satisfied with the results of your saved search, you may wish to set up an email alert, this can be done in the email tab. You may want to send an email to members of the sales team to notify them of sales orders they’ve raised each day. This can be set up in the specific recipient’s tab or you can select a recipient from results tab.


From this tab, we can select the sales rep from the recipient field drop-down menu which will mean that each sales rep will be sent an email to summarise the sales orders that they’ve raised that particular day.


The next step in setting up this email trigger is to go to the customised message tab to create an accompanying message for this email. In this case we’re going to use sales orders created today.


We now need to schedule this email and we’re going to schedule ours to be sent at 5pm each day. The next thing we’re going to do is to name the saved search, ours is going to be called ‘Sales Orders Today’.